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 Owner/Operator Adam Myers
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Kentucky Bluegrass/
Fescue Blend

Amount Price per ft2 Price per ft2
0-1,200 ft2 $0.25* $0.25*
1,200+ ft2 $0.20 $0.20
* $50.00 minimum applies to all orders.
Above prices are based on customer pick up at place of sod cutting.

Please call ahead to arrange sod pick up so we can give you directions to the field we are currently harvesting and make sure someone is ready to load you upon your arrival.  Please visit our Contact Us page for field locations.

Amount Delivery Method  Delivery Price  Delivery Minimum
0-600Pickup$2.00/loaded mile$100 minimum
601-6,000 ft2 Tandem Truck $3.00/loaded mile $250 minimum
6,001-12,000 ft2 Semi $4.00/loaded mile $350 minimum

Forklift for Sod Unloading is Included with Delivery.
Pallet Deposit is $10.00 per pallet. Deposit is fully refundable upon return of pallet in usable condition.

Roll Dimensions
Approximate Weight
 Small Rolls = 2' x 5' = 10 ft2 = 1.11 yd2  40 pounds/roll
Large Rolls = 48" x 125' = 500 ft2= 55.5 yd2 2,200 pounds/roll
1 Pallet = 60 small rolls = 600 ft2 = 66.6yd2 2,500 pounds/pallet

Also Available: Straw Blanket $0.40/yd2(Available in 8' x 112.5' or 8' x 445')
  Straw $4.00/bale 
  12-12-12 Fertilizer $20.00/50# bag 
  Round Top Pins $40.00/box 1000
  U-Staples $40.00/box 1000 

Installation Please Call for Custom Pricing

Finish Grading Please Call for Custom Pricing

Seeding Please Call for Custom Pricing

Watering Please Call for Custom Pricing

Pallet Pick Up Please Call for Custom Pricing

Silt Fence and
Erosion Control
Please Call for Custom Pricing

Finance Charge:
2% after 30 days
All prices are subject to change without notice.

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